Nothing Drives Us like the Pursuit of School Bus Safety

Ensuring that each student is safely transported to and from school is the ultimate objective of Krapf School Bus. From our driver recruitment, training and continuing education programs, to our comprehensive preventative maintenance programs, to our ongoing investment in safe, dependable fleets, SAFETY is at the core of our service mission.


New Hires

Once we have secured high-potential recruits, we provide them with a wide-ranging and relevant training program. Our training is comprehensive; is directed toward a full understanding of on-the-road and on-the-bus situations and how to effectively deal with them; and leads to attainment of a Commercial Drivers’ License. The curriculum includes effective student management and parental interaction, the tools of the nationally recognized Smith System Defensive Driving program and takes between six (6) to eight (8) weeks to successfully complete.


Beyond the initial CDL training, Krapf is committed to regular, on-going instruction for its driving workforce. Using a large yet targeted training curriculum, our experienced driver-trainers provide a variety of materials and instruction including pre-trip and post-trip responsibilities, safe turning and backing protocols, driving in inclement weather, behavioral elements of student interaction, leadership and appropriate adult supervision on the bus, emergency evacuations and anti-bullying initiatives, among other topics.


Krapf School Bus recruits year-round for individuals with the right combination of attitudes and sensitivities toward children, skills and abilities for operating a school bus safely and effectively, and judgement and resourcefulness in executing the duties of a professional school bus driver. We strive to learn as much as possible about new drivers via reference checks, behavioral-based interviewing, rigorous training and thorough on-boarding activities.

The Krapf approach to training is based upon adult learning techniques. We emphasize small (20-25) groups with a significant amount of interaction. We discourage auditorium-sized groups with lecture formats. We are decidedly against a “check-the-box” mentality and are committed to reinforcing relevant and appropriate materials, delivered in an interesting and engaging manner to keep our drivers alert and prepared.

Drug and Alcohol testing occurs pre-employment, for cause, randomly and post-accident.

Vehicle Preventative Maintenance

Safe and effective drivers must be matched with safe and road-worthy buses. Krapf School Bus has a 75-year commitment to vehicle maintenance best practices, be it for preventative maintenance compliance, quality parts procurement, warranty controls, interior and exterior vehicle monitoring or keeping pace with the latest technological and environmental modifications. You can be assured that when a Krapf School Bus technician has inspected it, that bus is safe and good to go!