Become a Driver

Krapf School Bus is an Equal Opportunity Employer

We know that driving a school bus takes a special kind of person – a person who cares about others, and most of all, a person who knows they can make a difference. Enjoy the benefits of being with children and creating a positive environment; working mornings and afternoons with plenty of time in between; saving on child care with our take-your-child-to-work option; being home during summers, holidays and school holidays; and many more great benefits.


I joined Krapf as a cleaner/laborer in 1981, while still in high school. Following graduation and mechanical trade school, I continued to work for the best teacher in the business, Founder George Krapf, Jr. His way of doing things, his work ethics and attention to detail in everything we repaired made him an invaluable mentor. The promotional opportunities at Krapf have allowed me to take my career in a direction I never dreamed possible. It has been rewarding to share my knowledge and expertise for doing things the “George Krapf Way” with the entire maintenance team."

Willie Spence, Area Maintenance Manager

In 2016, Krapf School Bus was awarded the Harrisburg School District contract. They asked me to stay on as the Operations Manager, which I did. For me, it was great to finally feel part of a family. Working in a fun filled family-oriented company is one of my best experiences yet! When you know you are appreciated it makes coming to work worth it every day.

Titus Gilmore, Operations Manager

I have been driving for Krapf School Bus nearly 38 years, initially taking the job so that my then 2-year old son wouldn’t be with a sitter all day. Dallas Krapf and his sister, Mardette, interviewed me when their office was in the basement of George Krapf’s home, and I immediately loved the atmosphere and friendliness. When my son started school I couldn’t give up the freedom of being on the road, the attachment to my students, and the mid-day time the job afforded me to run my errands and keep appointments. As a part time job, the wages have always been great. The Krapf organization has been good to me and my family – something that can’t be said about a lot of companies. It’s pretty amazing to now be driving the kids and grandkids of the students I drove when I first started, and the parents and grandparents still remember me as their driver. It makes you feel really great!

Sue Sickler, School Bus Driver

After retiring from the US Airforce and General Electric, I was looking for something to do to keep me busy.  Driving school bus was the perfect fit.  It allowed me the freedom to do so many things with my family and friends and provided plenty of time to travel. And the bonus was that my school bus wages paid for several cruises for me and my wife and a trip to Disney World with our grandchildren."

Dave Ashworth, School Bus Driver