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Effective April 1, 2023 Rover Community Transportation will only provide transportation for ODP/ MHIDD and clubhouse-funded trips that travel to locations such as:

  • Handi-Crafters
  • Human Services
  • Cornerstone Clubhouse
  • Fellowship Health Resources
  • Stepping Stones
  • ODP/ MHIDD funded transportation to jobs in the community
  • Any location under the General Public fare structure

For any other programs, please contact Chesco Connect at 610-344-5545 or

General Information
Schedule a Ride
Cancel a Ride
Additional Services

General Information

Days and Hours of Operation

With the exception of major holidays, Rover Community Transportation operates Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m

Scheduling a Ride

To start riding Rover, please call our office at 484-696-3854 or toll free 877-873-8415 to begin the process.

Service Area

Rover covers the entire area of Chester County, PA

Inclement Weather Advisory

In the event of inclement weather or any emergency which may affect our normal service, check our Facebook page or call 484-696-3854 or toll-free 877-873-8415.

Travel Tips

  • Please respect our 15-minute operation window and your fellow “team members” by being ready for your ride 15 minutes before your scheduled pick up time. We are not late until 15 minutes after your scheduled time.
  • Remember this is a shared ride system; you will not always have a direct ride.
  • Please don’t leave your designated pick up point; we cannot search for you.
  • Be considerate and call in advance to cancel a ride that you no longer need.
  • Please allow drivers to assist you on and off the vehicle and from door to door, and report the ones who do not.
  • We cannot take you to or pick you up from any place other than what was scheduled and appears on your driver's manifest.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited on the vehicles.
  • Seatbelts must be worn by passengers at all times..
  • Guide/service animals are the only animals permitted on Rover vehicles.
  • Pennsylvania “Law of Love” governing child restraint systems is strictly adhered to on our vehicles. For more information click on

If you need to file a Complaint or want to Compliment one of our employees for the service you have received,
please click here to email us or call us at 484-696-3854 or 877-873-8415.

Rover Registration

To register with Rover please call our office at 484-696-3854 or toll free 877-873-8415 to begin the process.

Schedule a Ride

If you are currently registered with Rover and wish to schedule a ride for travel within Chester County please call our office at 484-696-3854 or toll free 877-873-8415 or click here to schedule a ride.

Cancel a Ride

If you currently have a scheduled ride with Rover and wish to cancel part or all of it, please fill out ALL the information below. Any cancelations entered within two (2) hours of your scheduled ride time(s) will be considered a no show. If you have any questions or concerns please call 484-696-3854.

Please contact Rover Customer Service at 484-696-3854 or click here to cancel a ride.

Additional Transportation Services

SEPTA / TMACC ADA Complementary Service

Another service that Rover offers is ADA Complementary Paratransit Service. This service is available to individuals who qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act and who cannot make use of regular public transportation services. It is offered in the SEPTA service area of Chester County, which is primarily east of Route 100 and along the Business Route 30 corridor as far west as Coatesville. In addition, it is offered in the TMACC service area which is along the Route 1 and Route 52 Corridor between Oxford and West Chester and near the Business Route 30 and Route 10 Corridor between Coatesville and Parkesburg. For additional information and to see if you qualify, please call SEPTA directly at 215-580-7145 or TMACC at 610-993-0911 or click here for additional information.

General Public

Anyone who lives in Chester County can ride Rover for any trip purpose to anywhere in the Rover service area during our normal hours of operation. If you are not covered by any other funding source, you are considered a public or “private pay” passenger. Fares are determined by distance based on the pickup and destination locations and can be obtained by contacting our office during business hours. Prior to calling, please be sure to have the exact address of your pick up and destination locations.

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